Decorative image of model in white Lorna Jane sports bra and hidden heart on inside of sports bras

Hidden Hearts

At Lorna Jane, our products are made with love – literally. We hide hearts in all our garments to represent the love that is passed down from designer to garment technician, to the manufacturer to QC, from our sales team to you. We hope our products inspire you to live an active life that you love.

Lorna Jane standing arms folded in front of a design inspo wall

Our Mission

We are others first; we think and act with intention. We don’t follow, we change the game. We’re goal chasers, helping others along the way to hit theirs too. We live and breathe to inspire women. To inspire them to live a life that they love - to be the truest version of themselves. We love Mother Earth and believe we can all work together and inspire change.


Decorative image of model in off white Lorna Jane jacket, sports bra and leggings

Made To Last

At Lorna Jane we believe that sustainability is not a luxury, but the future - and we're driven to ensure that our communities, planet, and environment are just as healthy as the women that wear our Activewear. Find out more.